Saudi Hajj 2023 customs rules

Shared by Omar A. Mandia
Officer-in-Charge, Office of the Hajj Attaché, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Published on ARABIAN BUSINESS, 25 May 2023

Saudi Arabia has issued fresh guidelines for Hajj pilgrims entering the country.

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has issued the rules for Pilgrims coming into the Kingdom and has shared tips on prohibited items and customs rules.

The Ministry said pilgrims carrying more than SR60,000 ($16,000) in cash or jewelry must declare their items to authorities.

Saudi Hajj 2023 customs rules

A message from the Ministry on social media said: “Please avoid bringing large amounts of cash and valuable items with you when traveling to the kingdom.

“This will help to make the process faster and easier for you”.

Ministry advice for Hajj pilgrims said it was essential to fill out customs declarations in the following cases:

  • When carrying local or foreign currencies worth more than SR60,000
  • When carrying gold bars or jewelry worth more than SR60,000
  • When carrying goods in commercial quantities with a value of more than SR3,000
  • When carrying items that are prohibited from being imported or exported, such as antiquities
  • When carrying items subject to Excise Tax

Failure to fill in customs declarations can expose pilgrims to legal accountability, said the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

The ministry also identified prohibited luggage for Hajj travelers.

In a separate social media post, it identified prohibited luggage for plane passengers:

  • Unwrapped and tied luggage
  • Fabric-wrapped luggage
  • Plastic bags
  • Excess weight

Avoid carrying prohibited luggage when you travel. #Proclaim_to_the_People#Makkah_and_Madinah_Eagerly_Await_You