October 30, 2022

MADINAH: A group of visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah praised the Kingdom’s efforts to ensure pilgrims perform Umrah rituals with ease.

Integrated services and concern for visitors confirm the Saudi government’s keenness to deliver maximum comfort for pilgrims, visitors told the Saudi Press Agency.

Pilgrims praise Saudi Arabia’s services at Prophet’s MosqueJassim Mohammed Khalil from Iraq said that what he saw on his way to perform prayers in the mosque reflected the bright image of the organization and the interest in serving visitors.

Taher Issa from Algeria said that the Kingdom has provided services and facilities that allow visitors to the Prophet’s Mosque to perform their rituals with comfort, reassurance and safety.

Iman Mahdi from Iraq praised the efforts of security personnel and workers in the mosque, while Mohammed Ali from Pakistan said that the Kingdom is making great efforts to provide services and facilities to pilgrims.

The total number of Umrah performers and visitors who arrived in Madinah through air, land and sea ports during the first quarter of the year and since the outset of the Umrah season reached 1,486,880.

According to a report by the undersecretariat of the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah for visitor affairs in Madinah, the leading Umrah performers in Madinah in terms of nationality are: Indonesia with 449,696 pilgrims, followed by Pakistan with 287,793, India with 189,052, Iraq with 122,557 and Bangladesh with 76,946.