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1111, 2023

Arab League holds summit: Regional leaders gather in Riyadh to discuss war

November 11th, 2023|

Published by Al Jazeera English, November 11, 2023 Subscribe to Al Jazeera Channel Prince Muhammad bin Salman of Saudi Arabia strongly condemned the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip at an Arab League summit in Riyadh, referring to it as "genocide and ethnic cleansing" and calling for an [...]

1111, 2023

Turkey Succeeded This Time: The US Abandons Israel’s Side! Israel is now alone in GAZA!

November 11th, 2023|

Published by DCM Global The Turkish military has been seen fighting against Israel in Gaza, and allegations that Turkey has secretly been supporting Hamas have increased. US President Joe Biden has made a statement suggesting that the United States will gradually begin to withdraw military support [...]

1111, 2023

Muslim Filipinos laud President Marcos on the “650PH in 2030”

November 11th, 2023|

President Marcos issued Administrative Order No. 10, on November 7, creating the "Situmiayat Wakhamsum Aldhikraa National Committee" or SWAN Committee in a significant move towards cultural recognition and historical appreciation. The issuance of Administrative Order No. 10 signifies President Marcos' commitment to acknowledging and celebrating the [...]

2910, 2023

Spanish Minister Ione Bellara calls Netanyahu a ‘war criminal’

October 29th, 2023|

Published by Middle Easy Eye, 29 October 2023 SUBSCRIBE to Middle East Eye Channel Spanish Minister Ione Bellara calls Netanyahu a ‘war criminal’. She describes the situation in Gaza, where Israel is bombing a civilian population, including children, pregnant women, and elderly people. Israel has also [...]

2810, 2023

Israeli government, army commanders are ‘war criminals’: Former Israeli army pilot

October 28th, 2023|

Published by Anadolu English SUBSCRIBE to Anadolou Channel The Israeli government and army commanders are "war criminals," a former Israeli Air Force pilot, who was discharged from the army in 2003, told Anadolu Agency in an exclusive interview.In Israel and the army, there are some people who [...]

2710, 2023

Ex-State Department official explains why he resigned over U.S. response to Israel-Hamas war

October 27th, 2023|

Published by PBS NewsHour SUBSCRIBE to PBS NewsHour Channel The war between Israel and Hamas has caused an eruption of anger and grief in many corners of the world. It has also launched governments into action with the U.S. and the Biden White House among them. Josh Paul [...]

2610, 2023

Jordan’s Queen Rania discusses Gaza bombings, civilian deaths, and western hypocrisy

October 26th, 2023|

Published by Middle East Eye, 26 October 2023 SUBSCRIBE to Middle East Eye Channel This is a story of violence that has been going on now for so long, and this violence needs to be condemned. What we're seeing today and what people need to understand is [...]

2510, 2023

LIST | Protests for Palestinian Support Spread Globally Amid Israel-Hamas Conflict

October 25th, 2023|

By Ashary S. Tamano, Webmaster  NOTE: The list provided here is not exhaustive, as protests have occurred in many other countries as well. The Israel-Hamas war has ignited a global response, with people worldwide expressing their support for the Palestinian people and calling for an end [...]

2510, 2023

Diana Buttu: Israel does not have a right to defend its occupation

October 25th, 2023|

Published by Middle East Eye, 25 October 2023Subscribe to Middle East Eye Channel "It's the height of dehumisation to say everything changed on October 7." International law scholar and former negotiator Diana Buttu says Israel isn't simply retaliating in Gaza, but continuing a 75 year policy of occupation [...]

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