NCMF - ‘Vision 2040’ to address long standing needs of Filipino Muslims

By NCMF Commissioner/Spokesperson Yusoph Mando 
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MANILA – A “Vision 2040” recently unveiled by the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos (NCMF) will address the long standing needs of Filipino Muslims such as living in a society free from drugs, crimes and poverty, an official said on Friday.

In a press conference at the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) office in Quezon City, NCMF Commissioner and spokesperson Yusoph Mando said “Vision 2040” was launched on Aug. 16, 2023 to boost Muslim Filipino communities and national economy and promote inclusivity and progress.

“To achieve this, it will focus on its three major programs – Hajj, Halal and Shari’ah,” he said.

Mando said the NCMF, in partnership with the Supreme Court, is working to provide Shari’ah training to disadvantaged Muslim Filipinos, with the goal of producing qualified Shari’ah professionals who can contribute to a more inclusive society.

The NCMF, he added, is also dedicated to the development of halal agro-industrial hubs across the country to produce more halal food and non-food products for both local consumption and export.

He said this initiative will create jobs and livelihood opportunities for Filipinos while supporting the growth of the Philippine halal industry.

Hassle-free Hajj

The NCMF said it is committed to improving the Philippine Hajj operations, aimed at enhancing the experience for pilgrims.

This includes measures like updating the Hajj manual, establishing a Hajj legal team, improving electronic processing, creating special Hajj lanes at the Bureau of Immigration, and advancing the issuance of Hajj visas.

“The NCMF is committed to improving Philippine Hajj operations, which it is entrusted with by law. The Post-Hajj Assessment Activity conducted after the 2023 Hajj showed that the 2023 Hajj operations were successful compared to previous Hajj missions,” Mando said.

“The Commission expresses gratitude to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for allowing Muslim Filipinos to perform the 5th pillar of the Islamic faith in the Holy Land,” he added.

The NCMF is the sole national government agency tasked to preserve and develop the culture, traditions, institutions, and well-being of Muslim Filipinos while ensuring their active participation in nation-building, in accordance with the country’s laws and national unity and development goals. (PNA)

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