Grand Mosque welcomes young visitors for educational tours

Shared by Omar Mandia
Office of the Hajj Attaché, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Published in Arab News by TAREQ AL-THAQAFI, January 01, 2023

MAKKAH: Groups of children took part in a tour around the Grand Mosque on Saturday organized by the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques.

The youngsters, from the Al-Fikr and Al-Mawaheb Center and Al-Abna Al-Nujabaa School Center, were shown the Kaaba and performed Tawaf.

According to Noof Housawi, from the presidency’s media affairs agency, the tour was designed to be an educational experience for the children.

“The sessions include etiquette for entering the Grand Mosque, stories about the prophets and interactive activities to enrich the children’s knowledge and advance the educational system for females.”

The female reciter of the Book and Sunnah led sessions on the recitation of Surat Al-Fatihah, while mentioning its virtues and importance, as well as listening to the recitation of the Surah by the students.

“The General Department of Women’s Public Relations is contacting external entities to achieve community partnership, strengthen relationship bonds and build communication bridges … as well as introduce children to the features of the Grand Mosque,” Housawi told Arab News.

“Children are being taught simplified lessons on the etiquette of entering all mosques in general and the Grand Mosque in particular, the stories of the prophets, how to take the sermon notes and the lesson behind each story,” she added.

“They are also provided with information on Islamic ethics and how they were glorified by the Prophet and his companions. The students are also encouraged to take part in interactive activities designed to develop their skills.”

Ibrahim Obeidan, professor of student activities in Makkah education, said the community partnerships were a great way for young people to learn.

“The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques provides valuable models in teaching male and female students diverse supreme Islamic morals and values,” he said.

While schools conduct field trips to mosques, museums and historical sites, Makkah students have the chance to participate in activities related to the service of pilgrims and Umrah performers, he added.

“They will also get to serve them and benefit from the sanctity of the place, the greatness of responsibility and the honor of carrying voluntary work. Thus, they directly contribute to the service of the country and the King.”