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The war between Israel and Hamas has caused an eruption of anger and grief in many corners of the world. It has also launched governments into action with the U.S. and the Biden White House among them. Josh Paul resigned from the State Department this week after disagreeing with the administration’s approach. He joined Nick Schifrin to discuss his decision to step down.


Josh Paul, a former State Department official, resigned from his position after disagreeing with the administration’s approach to the Israel-Hamas war. Specifically, he objected to continued U.S. military assistance to Israel as its retaliatory bombardment and blockade of Gaza exacerbated a humanitarian crisis there. Paul believed that the U.S. policy towards Israel and Palestine was built on two premises: that a two-state solution is viable, and that the way to get there is to ensure Israel feels secure. He argued that the response Israel is taking, and with it the American support both for that response, and for the status quo of the occupation, will only lead to more and deeper suffering for both the Israeli and the Palestinian people – and is not in the long term American interest.

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