1st Filipino Business Community Gathering in Riyadh

By Ashary S. Tamano, WebMaster
Published by the Philippine Embassy in Saudi Arabia, August 3, 2023

On a significant day in the Filipino community’s history, Chargé d’Affaires Rommel Romato brought together representatives of Filipino companies and business owners in Saudi Arabia for the 1st Filipino Business Community gathering. Held on 31 July 2023 at the prestigious Philippine Embassy in Riyadh, the event marked a pivotal moment in strengthening economic ties and nurturing the growth of Filipino commercial interests in the Kingdom.

Unity in the Business Community

The gathering saw the convergence of various Filipino companies and business owners from different sectors, each eager to explore opportunities and address challenges together. The camaraderie and enthusiasm in the room were palpable as participants came together with a common goal – to promote the expansion of Filipino businesses in Saudi Arabia.

Supporting Philippine Businesses Abroad

The Philippine Embassy in Riyadh has long been a cornerstone of support for the Filipino community in the Kingdom. With this event, the embassy has taken its commitment to another level by hosting a platform specifically tailored to the needs of Filipino businesses operating abroad. This proactive approach is essential to encourage and facilitate their growth, as it not only boosts the businesses themselves but also contributes to the overall economic ties between the Philippines and Saudi Arabia.

Engaging in Productive Discussions

During the gathering, Embassy officials and Filipino business executives engaged in productive discussions and brainstorming sessions. The participants explored various strategies to create a favorable business environment, including streamlining regulations, addressing bureaucratic hurdles, and improving access to financial resources. Moreover, they focused on identifying key sectors where Filipino businesses can leverage their strengths and add significant value to the Saudi economy.

Promoting Expansion and Investment

A key aspect of the gathering was the emphasis on promoting the expansion of Filipino commercial interests in Saudi Arabia. The attendees recognized the potential for growth in areas such as construction, retail, hospitality, healthcare, and information technology. By strategically aligning Filipino businesses with the Kingdom’s economic goals, both nations stand to benefit from enhanced trade and investment relations.

Networking and Building Alliances

Beyond discussions, the event also served as a networking opportunity for the Filipino business community in Saudi Arabia. Business owners and representatives exchanged contact information, forged alliances, and built partnerships, facilitating cross-collaboration and knowledge-sharing. These connections will undoubtedly help Filipino businesses navigate the Saudi market more effectively and establish themselves as reliable contributors to the Kingdom’s growth story.

A Step Towards Prosperity

The 1st Filipino Business Community gathering in Riyadh marked the beginning of a new era for Filipino businesses in Saudi Arabia. As the Embassy continues to actively engage with the community and bridge the gap between businesses and the government, the prospects for Filipinos operating in the Kingdom have never been brighter.